Half Pallet Offer

Half Pallet Offer Details

  • When you change your Christmas tree supplier we understand that you are anxious that the quality of the Infinity trees are as good as you expect. We have put together a selection of fixed menu trees that are available in smaller quantities, order by the pallet.
  • You may wish to add one of these smaller pallets to your order to achieve the breadth of range offered to your customers

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Specialist Cut Trees

5 of each of these trees

  • Noble Fir (150-180cm,5-6ft),NB005-£17.20ea x5
  • Noble Fir (180-210cm, 6-7ft),NB006-£22.50 ea x5
  • Douglas Fir (150-180cm, 5-6ft),_____-£16.40 ea x5
  • Douglas Fir (180-210cm,6-7ft),_____-£21.50 ea x5
  • Fraser Fir (150-180cm,5-6ft),FF005-£16.90 ea x5
  • Fraser Fir (180-210cm,6-7ft),FF006-£20.40 ea x5
  • Blue Spruce (150-180cm,5-6ft),BS005-£13.50 ea x5
  • Blue Spruce (180-210cm,6-7ft),BS006-£17.40 ea x5
  • Serbian Spruce (150-180cm,5-6ft),SS005-£13.80 ea x5
  • Serbian Spruce(180-210cm,6-7ft),SS006-£17.40 ea x5

Narrow Nordmann Sample Pallet

10 of each of these trees

  • Narrow Nordmann (150-180cm,5-6ft),-£16.40 ea x10
  • Narrow Nordmann (180-210cm, 6-7ft),-£21.50 ea x10
  • Fraser Fir (150-180cm, 5-6ft),Ref FF005-£16.90 ea x10
  • Fraser Fir (180-210cm, 6-7ft), Ref FF006-£20.40 ea x10
  • Norway Spruce (150-180cm, 5-6ft), NS005-£12.70 ea x10
  • Norway Spruce (180-210cm, 6-7ft), NS006-£15.40 ea x10

Narrow Nordmann Cut Trees

Quantities as below of these trees

  • Narrow Nordmann Fir (120-150cm, 4-5ft)-£10.90 ea x10
  • Narrow Nordmann Fir (180-210cm, 5-6ft)-£16.40 ea x20
  • Narrow Nordmann Fir (150-180cm, 6-7ft)-£21.50 ea x30
  • Narrow Nordmann Fir (210-240cm, 7-8ft)-£29.00 ea x10
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