Traceability For All Our Trees

Christmas Trees with Traceability Back To The Farm

All our trees carry a label with details of the type of tree, the size, a barcode, Plant Passport and unique serial number to enable us to trace in which plantation it was grown.

  • The label is shaded in different colours to denote the size of the tree. This helps your colleagues to unpack trees in the delivery yard and merchandise the trees in the retail area.
  • There are two barcodes on the label, the second one can be cut from the tree and given to the customer to take to the checkout. The cut off section also has a duplicate print of the unique serial number shown in section ‘C’ of the Plant Passport. This enables the customer to go direct from the checkout to collect their tree knowing it is the same as the one they selected.
  • This label also has customer care instructions, printed on the reverse of the label, explaining how best look after the tree before, and after, they put it in their home.
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