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Serbian Spruce

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Serbian Spruce

(Picea omorika)

A beautiful Christmas tree forming a graceful shape, arching, sweeping branches form a slender tree of narrow conical habit. The dark foliage, which is grey beneath, results in almost a pale blue appearance. Particularly appealing as a pot grown tree.

Sizes - Cut

  • 90-120cm (3-4ft)
  • 120-150cm (4-5ft)
  • 150-180cm (5-6ft)
  • 180-210cm (6-7ft)
  • 210-240cm (7-8ft)

Sizes - Pot Grown

  • 40-60cm
  • 60-80cm
  • 80-100cm
  • 100-125cm
  • 125-150cm

Tree Grading

Premium — Grade A

Cream of the crop chosen by many high end retailers seeking the finest and fullest tree at a competetive price.

Classic — Grade B

An even tree, less density than a premium tree.

Field Mix

Tailored to your requirements and price point.

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